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Jump For Joy

By: Anonymous


I was coin hunting Wednesday 4/6/2011 with my X-TERRA 705 and I had found 7 pennies, a nickel and a dime and moved around to another section of the lot I was hunting when I got a tid of 38 and 40. I pinpointed it and proceeded to dig my penny. When I got it out of the ground I was surprised to find it wasn't a U.S. penny, but what looked like a bracelet with a coin or madallion attached. I cleaned off the dirt and the date 1758 stuck out like a sore thumb. I was jumping with joy. I cleaned it off with water and took a pic of the item and posted it on finds treasure mall and the next day another detectorist had done some research on it and posted it to my thread. It turns out it is a very rare 1758 Isle of Man Penny. It was attached to a pocket watch chain made of copper. I pulled up the link to the penny that the other guy posted and there was my penny on abccoinsand It is a Isle of Man penny, one of only 60,000 struck in 1758 for James Murray, Second Duke of Atholl, the new owner of the island. Obverse: crowned "AD" monogram (Atholl Dux) over the date. Reverse: Triskeles with large caps of armour on knees: "QUOCUNQUE JECERIS STABIT" latin for (which ever way you throw it, it will stand). Reasonable collectable condition for type as these are struck on soft copper flans. Diameter: 29mm. Weight 10.3g.

I was so happy I had found such a coin as the day before I was daydreaming of how nice it would be to find a coin from the early 1800's or 1700's but that will never happen to me because I live in Montana. And WHAM! The next day I find a 1758 penny. I absolutely love my X-TERRA 705 for both coin hunting and gold nugget shooting. I also own a GPX-4000 and this summer I am planning on buying a Minelab E-TRAC. Thanks Minelab for making the best detectors in the world and enabling people like myself to make finds this. Also shown are gold nuggets I have found with my X-TERRA 705.

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