Jewellery Rescue

By: Anonymous

Jewellery Rescue is an Australian wide network of amature and pro detectorists dedicated to the search and return of lost peoples jewellery for a modest fee. The E-TRAC being my prefered search primary detector.


It was 3pm - I arrived to search a 1.2km looped running track that Bianca jogs frequently. The target was a beautiful 36 diamond 25 mm pendant that has a matching ring of equal distinctive qualities. I used the twin ring to the pendant made out of the same gold on the E-TRAC to help indicate when the twin was most likly to be found.

12:23. As it turned out, the emotional value of this ring far outweighed any dollar value countless times over. A few days prior to my call from Bianca, she had discovered much to her dismay, the clasp of her strong gold pendant chain impossibly had opened snagged on her top, while jogging that day. Her mother’s irreplaceable pendant was missing. This isn’t just any pendant. It was the one her mother gave to her and formed an emotional connection between them regardless of distance apart.

I heard how Bianca’s loving family 20 plus people diligently searched the path numerous times to try and recover it over several days as the path was frequented by many people on walks. Bianca’s Husband wisely put up a few reward posters as many honest people still exist and look for clues as to the real owner. I also added my own reward posters with my own phone number as I can shield people and lady owners from nuisance calls and preserve their privacy.

After Bianca and I surveyed the route she took around the jogging track in Chipping Norton, I started E-TRAC-ing as fast as I could go to cover alot of ground without missing possible target items. The E-TRAC finding a surface target has that great familar beep beeeep beep tones as well as the target ID on screen. Many people frequented the path and hope of finding such a distinctive item was diminishing with time. Night was falling, Bianca’s son stopped by to warn me that some drug users frequent the area at night. I thanked him for his advice but stayed detecting and making sure the first leg of the path was completely search both sides before I left.

I informed Bianca via sms of a nil result. I would have to return fresh the next day. The following day was glorious and I started out in good spirits to finish off the 1.2km track, (both sides that are 2.2km of detecting). I started where I left off the night before with the highest of level of focus I could muster a kilometre of search area to go. I found over 250 surface metal junk items. I detected under no fewer than two swampy foot bridges lucky the E-TRAC's coil is water proof.

Until it was the 11th hour and I was on the last 50 metre leg of the path I could see the path end in sight yet giving up wasn’t an option until last 1mm is searched. Another signal, like so many before but this time sitting on its edge, nearly invisible under a small sapling gum tree, a sight to behold when Bianca’s mother’s pendant flipped face up into my hand sparkling brilliantly in the sun. It was like holding a piece of the sun was shining in my hand; I was so pleased it was found. A weight lifted as I had fathomed its emotional importance to Bianca, of whom I later found out, had been so worried and upset that she hadn’t eaten or slept properly since its loss which effects most people this way.

When I told her it was found over the phone she needed over 5 minutes to let her feelings to change from that of deep loss to restoration and beyond. I gave the pendant to her son who was at home so he could reassure his mother it was indeed found and safe once more home where it belonged. I was invited back later that day to a very warm smiling family.

So ends another truly rewarding Jewellery Rescue true story but don't tell anybody the E-TRAC did all the hard work. :) they will all want one.

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