It could Happen To You

By: Anonymous

I have been metal detecting for about five years and have read about caches of coins being found but never thought I would find a cache of my very own. But that is exactly what happened to me.

I decided to take a half day off of work to get out and do some much needed detecting with my E-TRAC. I planned on heading to an empty lot that had been scraped and produced a few nice finds for some other local detectorists including a nice 1864 Indian head penny. This is pretty old for California, especially considering the town in which it was found was not incorporated until 1885.


Well as luck would have it when I arrived at the lot, construction crews were on site working away. Luckily while I was driving to the first spot I saw another potential spot which was another empty lot where a small used car lot have been taken out. Honestly I usually don’t like hunting lots as they are usually pretty trashy with not much to show for it. But since it was so close to the first spot I decided to check it out anyway. I hunted for about a half hour or so with not much to show for it and was thinking of leaving until I found what I thought was a token or silver quarter lying right on top of the ground. I must have wasted the next ten minutes just trying to figure out what it was. I wasn’t able to tell what it was because it was so messed up but just knew that it was old.

So I kept on detecting and about 15 minutes later I hit what would usually be a find of the year for me. It hit like a half dollar on the E-TRAC which to be honest I am really not used to seeing. Dug down about four inches to five inches and out popped a 1908 O Barber Half with a really worn Standing liberty quarter stuck to it. On the other side of the half there was a crescent shaped mark on it, so I had thought I had hit it with my shovel. It wasn’t till about 20 minutes later that I would learn that it wasn’t a shovel mark but where another coin had been stuck to it.

Well after this I continued on knowing that I would be happy if that was all this lot produced. I mean having a barber half and a standing liberty quarter as my first silvers of 2011 was a very nice present. So I continued on detecting till I hit another half dollar/ silver dollar signal that was a bigger then a coin but was really singing on the E-TRAC. I dug out a shovel full of dirt and was met with an eye full of dirty half dollar sized coins at the bottom of the six to seven inch hole.

I called my detecting buddy over and he couldn’t believe it, I mean we had read about finds like this but never thought we would see one for ourselves. I spent the next ten minutes expanding the hole until I had uncovered about 50 coins in various conditions with many coins stuck to each other. But the real treat was that I could see a silver dollar mixed in.

I decided to expand the hole and found that it looked to be the remnants of a trash pit and found lots of pieces of bottles, ceramic and glass. I spent the next hour or so digging out the pit and didn’t find any more coins that day.

It started to get dark so I called it a day, it wouldn’t be till I got home that I would really know the full extent of what I had found. After I got home I had laid out before me 40 silver half dollars, 13 silver quarters, a foreign coin, a wheatie and a cc mint silver dollar.

It took me the next two days to get them cleaned up. A lot of the coins still have a pink stain to them which I believe is from the dirt of the trash pit.

  • 1890 CC Morgan Silver Dollar
  • 17 Barber Half Dollars: 1898O, 1899O, 1903, 1906D, 1906S, 2X 1906O, 1908, 2X 1908O, 1908S, 1909, 1909S, 1911, 1911S, 2X 1912S, 1914S
  • 23 Walking Liberty Half Dollars: 2x 1917S, 1918S, 1920, 1920D, 4X 1920S, 3 X 1927,2X 1927S, 3X 1928, 1928S,4X 1929S
  • 5 Barber Quarters: 1901, 1907S, 1908D, 1912, 1916D
  • 8 Standing Liberty Quarters: 6 no date, 192X, 1926
  • 1917 Wheatie
  • And a 1916 Kopek Russian coin

Thanks Minelab for putting out a great product that so far has been unmatched in handling our mineralized California ground.

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