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Interesting Ring Metal Detecting Find

By: William H.

I went down to a river next to a baseball stadium while a game was going on because I like to find the foul balls that land in the river. I also find coins and other interesting things as well, but nothing nearly as exciting to what I found on the 8th of August. While walking along the rocky banks of the river picking up fallen change and foul balls, I noticed something very shiny on top of a muddy rock. As I began walking closer I could make out the size and shape and I immediately knew. I'd just came across a ring. I began looking up to see if anyone was standing around looking down into the river to see their dropped ring, however, no one was. At first I thought by the design, the ring may have been costume. I was extremely excited to see a .925 stamp on the inside of the band. Even though it's going to be a long shot, I will be trying to get this ring back to its owner.