In the Right Spot

By: Anonymous

I'm so happy I bought a Minelab E-TRAC! It was only a week old when I visited a local park again to practice with it. I had been there a few times in the past using another brand detector with marginal success, but I wanted to get experience with my new detector.


I was only hunting for a half hour when it began raining. As I was deciding to call it quits I got a solid 10-33 signal. I wanted to get my "investment" back into the safety of my truck, but I just HAD to see what those non- bouncing numbers meant.

What a thrill it was when I saw a glint of gold sparkling in the 4 inch plug! It was an 16.7 gram 18K solid gold Indian Chief man's ring with diamond eyes and rubies on the headdress!!!

I ran back to the truck thanking God for putting me in the right spot and Minelab for making such a fantastic machine!