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In the footsteps of the "34"...

By: Anonymous

During the campaign of Italy in the summer of 1944, the Allied troops fought fiercely to conquer every foot of ground troops to Nazi-fascist, determined to slow their advance as possible in anticipation of the completion of the second true line of defence (the Gothic Line) after having sold at a high price that the line Gustav hinged on the famous Abbey of Montecassino.


The fights here in Tuscany have however been violent and witness the left indelible traces in both small towns and in the countryside or in the hills...

Using my trusty CTX 3030 in one of these areas together with other finds of the period I have found, not far from some this foxhole silver ring, hand-crafted and safe on the finger of a veteran soldier of the famous 34th Infantry Division "Red bull" ring is shown not only the name but the initials of the name and looking at the design I think it was purchased for sure during the final stages of the campaign of Africa...

In fact, the division came into line on Nov. 8, 1942 The fighting "Red Bull" organization received its baptism of fire at Algiers When elements of the Division assaulted the North African beaches...

I like to think that this American soldier who lost it in my own zone during a storm or during a night march, but then later was able to continue and conclude the war reunited his family... it would be nice that he may have told the exploits of their grandchildren when she was a young fearless dragged by the events of ww2...

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