In Shock

By: Anonymous

Walking through the woods last nite before dark and getting bit up nasty by mosquitos although I sprayed really well. I made it to the foundation that I found the 3 large cents and spanish silver in the same hole only to find that it was so overgrown I could not get near it. So I put the coil down next to some stone walls that were near the foundation but I have not gotten to yet. This area was pretty well grown up too but I had literally about a 10 by 10 area altogether to semi swing the coil. Right next to the stone wall I get a 12-38 hit about 3-4 inches deep. No clue what this might be I dug carefully and find an oddball size coin in the hole. At first I'm thinking foreign coin but low and behold I see 2 cents and a wreath. I'm in shock now. The only target I dug last nite and its a 2 center.