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If Only These Finds Could Tell a Story

By: Anonymous

As I watch videos of Treasure Hunters around the World, it is so interesting to find items we are un-accustomed to finding. Some of the items are coins minted in their region or a bronze age tool. So it is swell when we can find something that we can all relate to.

The items I mention are WWII relics. No matter where they are found around the World, every country felt the effects, so we can all relish finding these items, even if we were not born yet when the war took place.


Having said that, I hunted 2 different old spots today with only moderate success. I was on my way home when I decided to stop at a small neighborhood park I had seen hidden down a side street. This park was really nothing more than a lot of grass with a park sign, one tree and some plants the city put in. I doubted I would find much.

It was nearing 6 hours in the hot sun that I had been hunting and was ready to go home. I decided to go around one last group of plants in hopes of finding some change the landscapers had dropped. I got a really deep coin signal and was digging and digging and digging and was ready to give up and call it a beer can.

Just then, my handheld pinpointer rang out and I said " About time". As I grabbed a clump of dirt and scanned it, I saw a round coin-sized object with an Eagle on it. My first thought was I had found an old America Silver dollar. Upon closer inspection, I saw it was some sort of medal which made sense as the homes were located not far from an old closed military base.

Once home, I cleaned the item up as best possible, and looked online to find out what it was. I found it to be a Good conduct medal from the United States Army.

I have shown 2 photos side by side. The one on the left is the actual medal I found with the ribbon eaten away and probably had been in the ground 50-60 years based on the depth it was found. The photo beside it is what they look like when issued new.

Anything related to the Military or war no matter how old is always something rare and of interest. The men and women who serve each country they live in are all brave heroes for their motherland.

Thank you to all who serve.