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I Thought I was in a Dream

By: Anonymous

I had been finding hammered coins for the last 3 days, and I had been out with friends, they had had enough and were on their way home. I was still wanting to detect and get a hammered coin for the fourth day, so I said my goodbyes to my friends, and I went on my way to a field where I had been finding the hammered.

Well after a couple of digs I had a piece of gold in my hands, a lovely George 111 1820 sovereign. I am still in shock, I started shaking and thought I was dreaming, it was a very weak signal but it was one of them deep weak signals, you will know them.

Well I took about 6 inch of soil from the area then checked if it was out, no it was still in. I tried the probe in the hole, nothing. So I took about another 6 inch of soil out, checked over the hole with the detector and it was out, btw it was sandy soil and easy digging.


I then put the probe into the soil to locate the item, found it in a clump, I scraped across it with my finger and saw gold and thought gold coin, I did this 2 more times. By this time I thought what am I doing, I thought I was in a dream.

I then placed it in the first clod shot position and text my mate telling him I had found a gold coin. I am over the moon, it's my first gold coin and a cracker. I have covered this area many times, I am sure I have walked over it. The ground conditions must have been perfect because I don't miss much as a rule.

What a great day, I just love Minelab and cannot wait to upgrade to a GPX to find more Gold.

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