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By: Anonymous

I used to wonder from time to time when I would go out hunting for coins what I was missing. Well… I don’t wonder anymore… I MINELAB the spot! I was out Sunday with the E-TRAC checking out a spot that I had permission to hunt. After hunting for awhile a friend and I had turned up some clad and other relics such as a piece of a crotal bell and 2 oil lamp tops.


After hunting for awhile and taking a short break I got the idea to MINELAB a small spot that has had at least 2 other people over it with at least 3 different machines, some of which were considered to be “high-end” machines.

After working the area over for awhile the results were 5 wheat cents ranging in age from 1917S to 1940 and a 1941 Winged Liberty dime. Although any of these items on its own may not seem significant, the fact that they were recovered from another heavily hunted area might be.

In a couple of instances these targets were masked by bits of aluminum or iron and the E-TRAC still spotted them. I’m not worried about those hunted out areas… I smile and tell people to bring them on. I’ve found that by Minelabbing it I WILL FIND what they didn’t and as the saying goes “That’s just more for me!”. Right?

Keep up the great work Minelab. The E-TRAC continues to be a great machine.

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