I May Never Find Another One

By: Anonymous

While detecting an old church yard here in Iowa, the caretaker had told me you won't find much here, it's been hit for years by many people, he said good luck. After about and hour or so, I got a good strong signal next to an old sidewalk. About 9 inches down there it was, my 1st morgan silver dollar, an 1882 in very nice shape. I was speechless, got me the find of the month on American Detectors metal detecting site.

I may never find another one, but that's ok, I got one. Has a scratch on the back that had to have been there beforew it was lost, the toning is the same.... The E-TRAC is the best detector I've used, last year with a Minelab Explorer SE I had 63 silvers all season, this year by the end of June I have 85 and some great other finds.

i-may-never-find-another-one-1 i-may-never-find-another-one-2