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I have Used it Everyday!

By: Anonymous

I recieved A new MineLab X-TERRA 305 as a Christmas Gift form my wife. I was hinting that a wanted to metal detect for months. Being that we are having a very mild winter in New Jersey so far this year, I have used it everyday since I recieved it.


I've been hunting local parks, a boy scout camp, and various old house foundations in my area. So far I have found many many modern coins, a Boy Scout Neckerchef tie clip, a 1937 Mercury Dime, 1941 Wheat penny, 1952 Silver Quarter, a Stearling Silver butter knife, a Hudson Motor co. hat pin, and many many other metal knick knacks and what nots.

I really love my new hobby. And the X-TERRA 305 is so accurate at dicriminating out other unwanted items. I hope it dosen't snow any time soon. I'm enjoying getting out and getting some excersize and fresh air all while hunting for treasure.

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