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I Couldn't Believe it!

By: Anonymous

In Maine we don't have to many places to swing unless you have permission on private property. The beaches are heavily picked over, and the parks are small. However if your research methods are up to par and your ears are open you might find a place or two to find some history.


Well, a friend invited me to a woodland foundation sight he had seen while cross country skiing. We found an old car entwined in growth and a great deal of rock walls. All of these are excellent signs for hunting. Several ours into the hunt we were tired of fending off the terradactyl-sqitos, we like most thought we were skunked; the I got the high-tone that made my hunting worthwhile.

I was climbing over a log while swinging the machine. At first I thought I just knocked the coil of the E-TRAC off the side of the log but any high-tone deserves another attempt. Sure enough a good signal but it was directly under the log. My friend and I both lifted the log swung the machine once again then dug. Three inches down I caught sight of a buckle.

In Maine I couldn't believe it I found a civil war relic a Sword Buckle. Man do I cherish that find. Thank you E-TRAC. Since this find I have reached deep silver with a 1781 Spanish 2r, a two foot deep brass pocket watch, several more silvers, IH's and so much more. I love my E-TRAC. I know when I head out with my machine I will always come back with something good.

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