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I Can't Explain This Feeling

By: Anonymous

I had a lady contact me to help find her watch that was lost while bailing hay in a padock. It fell off while changing the wraper on a round bale machine.

Five months later I went out to the padock and was shown an area of about 400m2. I started while griding the padock thinking this is imposible. Half an hour later much to the disbelieve of the farmer I had the watch in my hand. After cows had trodden in the padock it was as good as new.

I can't explain the feeling of being able to return a $400 watch to the owner. Made me proud. Told her maybe she should get a E-TRAC as I told her of the $600 odd dollars I had also found in local parks. She just smiled and acepted her watch with great pleasure.

Its like a drug I suppose, I look forward to the next challange with my E-TRAC as I know it will out perform the others and give me great satisfaction.

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