Hunt Before The Rain

By: Anonymous

A day off and an early start was needed for the days hunt as heavy rain was forecast for later on in the day. The very first signal and find of the day was the 1817 George 3rd silver shilling which set me up for the day nicely. A couple of worn Georgian coppers later and a brief stop due to some heavy rain and I found my first ever 'mini-hoard'. A good signal on the E-TRAC resulted in a £1 coin but the signals just kept on coming and I ended up with 5 x £1 coins, 1 x £2 coin and 26p in loose change all from one hole - just a shame they were all modern coins.

The finds kept on coming, including a 1937 George 6th ship half-penny but they were mostly worn coins and buttons but one hole did have a clay pipe bowl in it which I normally only find in London on the River Thames foreshore whilst out mudlarking. The decorative buckle was next but I only managed to recover just over half which was a shame. The rain then started to move in and get heavy and so I had to call it a day. Not very old finds were discovered but I'll be back.

hunt-before-the-rain-1 hunt-before-the-rain-2