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huge Gold NFC Ring!

By: Anonymous

With metal detector in hand i just started scanning a beach that I haven’t scanned in my short time as a "detectorist"( less than 3 months) and was soon approached by someone offering a monetary reward if i can find what they had lost. I asked what it was and his response was he lost an "NFC Championship ring". I didn’t recognize him but he said his name and that he was a coach for the Giants in 2000.He stated that he had doubts that i would find the ring and that he was staying in the hotel there on the beach and that if i find it ask for "so and so" but sson he was off to work. He returned to the beach with his phone number.


After scanning for nearly 3 hours in the area he said he was on the nite before when he lost the ring I was spent! I was ready to call it quits but gave it another try just outside this area and there it was a HUGE GOLD NFC RING! After a few calls and pixs of this ring (which by the way fit me perfectly) I called "coach" and told him i had "the ring “and that preceded a text with his address as to where to send the ring which I did promptly that same day. Overall it was a great experience and I feel fortunate to have found something like it and look forward to more hunting imagine only 3 months under my belt and I get this... thanx Minelab so far a great machine for this novice I want more! Lol

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