Hitting the Hills with My GMT and 4x6 Coil

By: Anonymous

I went down to Sonora, CA. for 2 day trip to meet up with my friend to go out mining. We got out to the tailing piles and I turned on my GMT with my new 4x6 coil put my gain on 8, VSAT on 2 and threshold on a slight crackle. Within the first minute I got a nice zip zip, my first piece of gold then another one. My friend turned on his detector put it to the ground and it went off there was a piece right in front of him what luck.

After about thirty minutes we went up to the next pile but found lead in all shapes and sizes the 4x6 read loud and at a good depth. I was getting tired of the lead and seeing it was starting to cloud up knowing it was going to rain that day and did not want to get the detector wet. We headed back down to the first pile and again started finding gold right away zip-zip piece after piece. After packing up we went to the truck and cleaned up the rocks, what a good day, there is nothing I love more than hitting the hills with my GMT.

hitting-the-hills-with-my-gmt-and-4x6-coil-1 hitting-the-hills-with-my-gmt-and-4x6-coil-2