Harley Ring Returned

By: Anonymous

My wife and I are full time RV'ers. At most RV parks the owners are kind enough to let me hunt in the parks.

We are currently in Alpine, WY and about a month ago, while hunting with my E-TRAC, I came across a white gold Harley-Davidson ring with four small stones in it. It had a name and what appeared to be a serial number inside of it.


I took the name to the park owner, but she could find no record of the person having stayed at the park. We get many biker groups through the park and normally only one in the group signs in.

My wife suggested we take it to the local Harley-Davidson store. The owner said that he knew the company that had made the ring and gave me the number to Jostens. I called Jostens and spoke to a nice lady named Deb. Sure enough, they had made the ring for a client and she was happy to call him for me.

The next morning she called me back and said that she had spoken to the owner and he had given her permission to give me his number. I called the owner and he was excited with the news.

He stated that he had paid $700 for the ring and had given up on ever seeing it again. He could not believe that I had gone to the trouble of trying to find him, but I explained that, if possible, returning things I find to their rightful owners is the most rewarding part of Metal Detecting to me.

The ring has been returned and, thanks to my E-TRAC, I was able to make someone very happy.