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Happy Returns - 2 Ring Recovery

By: Jessica m.

The Seaside Heights Beach Patrol would like to thank Mr. Vincent Casablanca for his outstanding job in helping one of our beach patrons recover her wedding ban and wedding ring on Sunday July, 22, 2012. It was great moment on our beach this season. [split] On Sunday the 22nd around 4p.m. a beach patron from the Bronx New York came up to the Lifeguard Headquarters crying hysterically. She explained to myself (Captain-Rob Connor) and Beach Patrol Chief Jay Boyd that she just lost her wedding ban and wedding ring on our Lincoln Avenue Beach. We put her in one of our 4 wheel vehicles and transported her to the scene. The beach was packed and by now everyone around her was trying to help her and look for them with no success. Chief Jay Boyd immediately called over our radios to all lifeguards if anyone has a sighting of someone with a metal detector. The lifeguard on Hiering Ave radioed back that he has someone on his beach with one. Chief Boyd asked the lifeguard to talk to the person and see if he would be willing to help out and try to locate the missing items. Without hesitation Mr. Casablanca said "ABSOLUTELY". The lifeguard explained that the missing rings were 1 mile away and he didn't care and wanted to help. Lifeguards picked up Vincent and his grandson in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and transported them to the scene. By now there were hundreds of beach goers watching the scene. Vincent came down to the scene on our Lincoln Avenue Beach, got out of vehicle and asked a couple of questions to the woman and confidently said "I'm going to find them". I (Captain Rob Connor) looked at him and thought "who is this guy", thinking there was little chance in finding these rings. Vincent started working his metal detector around the scene and in under 5 minutes pulled out the wedding ban, and there was a roar from the crowd, people were excited and the woman thrilled. About a minute later Vincent pulled out the wedding ring and again there was a loud ovation from the crowd. The woman was excited and just hugged Vincent crying with joy. It was very emotional for everyone around the scene. The Seaside Heights Beach Patrol again would like to congratulate and thank Mr. Casablanca for his finding of the rings from someone he never met. I'm sure this woman will Never forget what Vincent did for her that day!