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Hammered Site Yields Amazing Buttons

By: Anonymous

What a day... What a day... What a day... My son was down from Boston to spend a few days with us and celebrate his birthday... I drove him back up on Sunday (April 7th, 2013) morning and headed to a town green that I have detected at on 10 previous occassions.

This location is one city block and I could see fresh plug cuts when I arrived. I have recovered a Mexican 1832 1 Reale, US Revenue Cutter Service Cufflinks ca. 1850 (Formed in 1790 and became the US Coast Guard in 1915), a beautiful 1864 Two Center, many Indian Head Pennies, Barbers/Mercs/Rossies, Musket Balls, and various relics at the location.


It is 11:30 am... I stayed until 5pm (5.5 hours). My goal was two Indians and a wheatie to go home with a smile on my face.

The first 90 minutes were pretty slow... Lots of small calibre copper casings, a bunch of beaver tails... some clad... Then I got my 1st wheat penny... 1935.

I was working the outter perimeter, and as I got to the back I isolated a conductive signal of 22/24 @ 7-8"... Repeats 90 deg out... Come on fatty I said.

It’s a FATTY !! No shield on the back means 1859 !!! but wait... I see 1492 stamped on it

Over the next few hours I recovered a few relics.

A nice musket ball... Then I for an Indian Signal that was partially masked by a close nail... but I got it anyways :-)

26/28 Conductive Signal that was spotty @ 7-8".

hmmm... I see a face on this small button.

This Button is from Jacksonian Era (1824-1840) -- It depicts a Bust of Washington facing right, on a raised square panel. M/mark circle of rays. 15 mm - This button is listed in "Record of American Uniform and Historial buttons" by Alphaeus H. Albert (page 415 PC 48).

Then I got a Tomback button... Next signal... 32/33 conductive @ 6"... Pretty decent signal.

I see... A CANNON !!!!

It is in pretty decent shape and has some nice detail left.

2 Indians, 2 Wheaties, War of 1812 Button, Mystery Face Button, Musket Ball, and nice Strawberry Relic... from a hammered site :-)

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