Greek Sunshine

By: Anonymous


Sending you this story is a way to thank Minelab for their products and the kindness of the after sales service.


I have got an Excalibur, and Explorer and have bought the E-TRAC. I have made many good finds with those trustful machines. So many that I could write numerous "success stories". I have chosen to tell you what happened a week ago. That day, I decided to relax after work and detect a bit before night.

I went to a field very close to my home where I have already found some Roman and Gallic coins. The coins were common and in bad shape. Moreover the place was well known by other detectorists and regularly combed by concurrent machines.

When I arrived in the field, I noticed that the farmer had seeded it. The ground was flat and regular. I also noticed some prints of steps and fresh holes. Other detectorists had already worked out the place.

Well, I was there so I decided to stay and see if they had left something behind.

I put my E-TRAC on fast recovery mode and began to sweep slowly because the ground was polluted by iron nails and trash. I dug some bronze and copper worn out coins, nothing interesting.

I was about to give up when I heard a faint signal. I just pushed the ground with my foot, and there it was, a gold coin shining like the day it was minted.

Sorry to say that but I am used to gold because I do much successful prospecting at the sea and in lakes with the Excalibur. But finding such an unexpected small piece of sun in the ground is always some master piece of emotion.

Back home, I took pictures of the coin and sent it out to some forums and experts for identification This 6 mm of diameter, 0.9 gram gold coin appears to be a 1/10 stater minted in Greece 450 years before Christ.

It was certainly brought by a Celtic soldier and buried or lost in this field. Those finds of Greek gold coins are very rare in France. So rare, that the guys on the forums think the coin is fake.

I don't care I know where I found it and with what. Thanks Minelab for this evening.