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Great Success with the Excalibur II

By: Jessica m.

My hunting buddy and I went on a little two day trip to an out of the way spot up north to do some water hunting. As soon as I got in the water with my Excalibur II the targets were hitting left and right! My first good target was an old wheat penny, I knew right then it was gonna be a great day! [split] I then got another great signal and it was a silver Washington quarter! Then I pulled several 1960's era nickels, dimes pennies, etc. Then I got one of those awesome low grunting tones we all love to hear from our Excalibur II! It turned out to be the 14k Gold Crucifix! My first Large gold religious item (it now proudly resides on a gold necklace around my neck). Anyway, to make a long story short, at the end of two days hunting at this spot I walked away with 6 pieces of gold(four rings, one large gold earring, and the gold Crucifix) Six silver U.S. Coins, over two and a half ounces of old sterling silver jewelry, and a ton of clad coins. I have to thank Minelab for the Excalibur II I love this machine and I honestly do not think any other machine made would have found these items in the horrible iron infested site.!! Thanks Minelab!!!