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Good Things Come in Small Packages

By: Anonymous

I stood looking down at the small coil with the title CTX 06 Smart Coil thinking "have I wasted my money?" I fitted it to my CTX 3030, and sighed. It looked even smaller. I already had good results with the 11" coil that came with my CTX 3030... had I made a mistake?

I looked out over the field facing me, and decided to search an ancient path that crossed the field. I called my dog Sandy, and set off. Up the path, the field was in stubble, but hard rainfall had laid it down. A little after, about 15 yards I had a positive signal, and dug out a George the III half penny "mmm" I thought, and carried on.


For another few yards, an old brass threepenny came out, a small lump of lead then a Victorian penny. Then nothing for about 50 yards until yes, another positive signal, and from a 5" hole I picked up a Gold Stater! In top condition has you can see in my photos.

Now what was it I was thinking, about this smallish coil with the power of Hercules, and the Sensitivity a surgical laser. Personally, I would never be without it, money well spent I say!! I am very, very pleased!!

The Stater was the Catuvellauni of Tasciovanus, Late first century BC, Early first century AD.

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