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Gold, silver and a gift card too!

By: Anonymous

The local beach is only 20 mins from my home. I have been hunting it every morning before work for 2 hrs and a couple hours after work for the last six days.

I found $43 in clad that I am cleaning now. 1 gold ring with diamonds, 1 silver ring, 1 mood ring, 7 necklaces... 2 gold, 3 silver, 1 Mickey Mouse watch, silver crosses, 2 bracelets and many earrings. Oh and a set of BMW keys not pictured. They were returned to the owner who had went and bought a radio shack detector.

He and his family told me they had been hunting for a few hrs. I offered to help. His wife showed me the area they had put their stuff.

10 mins later they had their keys. They offered me a reward, I told them it was not necessary. The thrill of the find was enough.

When I returned to my truck they had written an thank you note and left a $100 gift card under my wiper blade. How can you not love this hobby?

gold-silver-and-a-gift-card-too-1 gold-silver-and-a-gift-card-too-2