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Giving to the Future

By: Anonymous

It all started on a wet Sunday morning in West Wales, the car was loaded as my detecting partner and myself made the 90 mile trip to attend a charity rally run by the Gwent Metal Detecting Club, this was just my third trip out following a bad leg injury it was also only the second time out with my new Minelab X-TERRA 705.


The drive was to last nearly 2 hours, when we arrived at the site and all the welcome backs and good to see you bits were done it was time to get down to the serious part of the day searching. Both my partner and myself opted to search a field that was still in stubble this was to prove a really good choice as with only my fourth reading of the day I unearthed a stunning little 18ct gold brooch from the late victorian era with 2 rubies and 1 opal set into the centre. This was a fantastic way to start my detecting off using the X-TERRA 705.

None of the above would have been possible without the support of the Gwent Metal Detecting Club, of which I have been a member of for the last year. The club is based in Cwmbran, South Wales. Although the club does not make the kind of fantastic finds that you read about in the press, what I think sets the club apart from many of the others is the generosity and hard work of both its committee and its members.

During the last 18 months or so the club has raised over £16,000 for different charities, these have ranged from the Air Ambulance to Ty-Hafan Childrens Hospice. All this has been done by the effort of both the club members and its committee in gaining land for a one day rally to be held, members then pay an entrance fee and also bring a prize to be raffled, monies raised are then given to the nominated charity of the day.

Some people will say that £16,000 is not a lot of money but the difference that is has made has been huge, the club has even helped with the purchase of a static caravan that will be used as a respite holiday home for terminal ill children and their families. None of this would have been possible without the entire club getting behind the ideas that have brought this about.

After all metal detecting is not only about saving the past its about giving to the future.

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