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Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector Unearths Georgia Gold

By: Anonymous

"I just wanted to tell you that I have found my first gold nugget after having my GTI 2500 for six weeks. I found it at an old gold mine here in Georgia. It is 7.2 grams or 4.6 Dwt and it is a beauty!

Recently, I bought a GTI 2500 used and sent it to Garrett to install the new mineralization chip in it. I was happy with it when I got it back. It would punch through this extremely high mineralization ground here in Georgia and I could run it with much higher sensitivity!

To make this story short, I found this nugget in a creek near the edge of the embankment at an old gold mine. It was at about five inches down on the bedrock. I was using the stock 9.5" coil and it read at number 6 on the GTA scale. Usually I find many bullets at this mine and they usually read at number 7.

Many thanks to Garrett for this awesome machine! It will do it all! I have also found many Civil War relics since having my GTI 2500."

Alan M., Marietta, Ga.

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