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Fun For the Whole Family

By: Anonymous

Hello everybody,

I am from central Nebraska and here is my story...

The wife rolled her eyes at me when I mentioned I would like to purchase a metal detector. I borrowed a BH QD II from a friend and found a 1919 wheatie during deer season at an abandoned one room school. It felt great. Even better than shooting a deer. So the crops were ok this year along with the prices and I purchased an X-TERRA 305 (E-TRAC users read on!).


This was just before Thanksgiving. I hunted my Father-In-Laws over the holiday. He must've been a tightwad because I didn't even find clad. Then I went a couple of miles away where he grew up and found five wheaties from the 40's and my first silver (1943 P War Nickel). I was pumped.

Day after Thanksgiving. Set a goal to put up some electric fence over cornstalks for my cattle, if I got that done I would detect the local football field where I went to High School. Took my four-year-old son with me. I told myself before I started hunting I was going to dig up the pulltab signals on the X-TERRA 305. 10 minutes into the hunt I dug, about 3" down, a ring. The closer I looked at it, still in the hole the more I began to realize what I'd found. I lost my wedding ring in 1994. I didn't know where but thought it was at my in-laws' Dairy where I worked (I always took it off to milk). This ring, my first found metal detecting, was mine...again!!!

I called my wife on my cell.

Wife: Hello
Me: Hey. Guess what I found?
Wife: What?
My: My ring...
Wife: No you didn't.
Me: Yes I did...really.
Wife: No you didn't.
Me: Yes.....

The conversation went on like this for a while and I'm not sure I really convinced her until I got home and showed her. The ring in the picture on the left is the one I found, the one on the right is the one we bought to replace it...they are the same pattern and the right one is way more worn as I've worn it a lot working on the farm.

Sunday after Thanksgiving, after church went detecting in the small town we attend church at. Found my first Mercury dime (1942) and my first Buffalo (1916). I was on cloud nine all the next week. The weather turned cold, the ground froze and I had to quit.

Many times before I turned in I would pick up the rings and coins and look at them and remember. Two weeks after:

Wife: I wouldn't mind going with you.
Me: Going where?
Wife: Metal Detecting.
Me: No, you wouldn't.
Wife: Yes, I believe I would.
Me: Then I get to get the detector I wanted in the first place!
Wife:.....(she didn't say anything)!

I now own a Minelab X-TERRA 305, E-TRAC, and (Pioneer 505 due to Kellyco's BoGo sale).

Thanks guys for reading such a long winded story. I hope ground thaw comes early. By the way I had to go out on nicer days and try the E-TRAC in the yard and found the thin copper bracelet you also see pictured.

I especially want to thank the guys on YouTube for the videos - Neswiper (another Nebraskan), LaDigger, Niagracounty, Gibsondan, Vidslayer, Yuleah, Crunch, and the others. I learned so much from you.

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