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From Paris to Iowa

By: Anonymous

In July 2012, I was detecting where an old house had been torn down due to flooding in 2010. I found my first Silver dime of 2012 on this site so I was excited to hunt it again.

After finding a Buffalo Nickel and a Wheat Penny, the remaining finds were mostly junk. Then I got a deep signal in the 28-30 range which usually means brass.


At about 8 inches I found this button. The makers name on the back was the only clue as to what it was. (A.M. & Cie Paris which is Deshayess, Mass & Co. Masse A Et Anglade).

After a lot of looking on the Internet, I was able to find a picture of the Kepi and a good close-up of the button on the side of it.

If the button could only talk I would sure like to hear the story of how from 1884 until 2012 the button made its way from Paris to Iowa.

I just love finding relics and untangling the mystery as to what they are.

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