Friendly Competition Unearths Gold Nugget

By: Anonymous

The second time I had ever gone out metal detecting with my dad, we were with his mate Chris, dad and Chris always are very competitive towards each other. So of course it was on to find the biggest nugget.


Dad, Chris and I were in a small block of land for about 2 hours when it started lightly raining. It wasn’t that much that we had to pack up, but just enough to moisten the ground.

After about 7-10 minutes of this rain, dad and I started back tracking when we heard a strange but familiar sound. We dug it up, chasing the sound around for about 10 minutes.

After we finally pinpointed, it took one last heave of the pick and I picked it up. it seemed to me to be copper because of its odd color, but it had some weight to it, I gave it to dad who decided to be an idiot and bit it open.

We still could not tell what it was so I ran it to Chris, the moment I gave it to him I heard some words that I cannot repeat on a public forum. I asked him what he was on about, he looked at me with a frown.

friendly-competition-unearths-gold-nugget-1 friendly-competition-unearths-gold-nugget-2