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Found US Calvary Bit Boss

By: Jessica m.

US Calvary Bit Boss On April 5th, 2008, I was relic hunting in Tennessee on the "Wiley Blair Farm" which was used by both the union and the confederate’s armies. I was metal detecting around a bar-wire fence and I heard a low repeatable signal at 7 inches deep on my White's MXT. [split] I dug a 10 inch wide hole and down in the hole I saw a small piece of iron, I though, and I reach in to pick it up and I notice the piece was brass and round and had letters US in the middle. When I returned home, I cleaned up the relic, and then I look in my book; "Civil War Artifacts" by Howard R. Crouch and to my surprise it was a beautiful condition "US Cavalry Bit Boss". I’m so proud to have found this civil war relic and to own a White's MXT.

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