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Found an 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar with V3i

By: Anonymous

As the end of the season is fast approaching I decided to try my luck again at one of my favorite metal detecting spots here in Maine, on November 17 2010. I had one thought in mind, find one last piece of silver before the snow flies and I cannot use my White's V3i again until spring.

Most of the morning had been filled with rain showers so things were not looking too promising for going metal detecting. Then a little after noon the clouds broke and the sun shined brightly so I was on my way. After finding a few bottle caps and a bunch of clad I was about to give up hope that I would find what I was hoping for. I decided to try just one more area and low and behold on my second hit I was given my wish by finding an 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar. Who says wishes don't come true....

Later that week I decided to go out with a couple of friends of mine and try my luck again at the same area, after almost 8 hours of digging, my V3i came through for me again when I dug up an old G.A.R belt buckle in pretty good condition. I am hoping to get in a few more days before the snow flies, and maybe find myself another piece of silver.

Happy detecting to all

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