Found a Pine Tree Shilling!!

By: Anonymous

l got word from a local 'old timer' that a certain area of a cove on my local tidal creek was used as as swimming & picnic area when he was a child, Got permission from the property owner to scan the saltmarsh areas above the waterline. So, around lowtide I stated searching in the shallow water.

I found toasted SLQ, 1907 Barber Quarter & a smooth large copper, as the tide advanced, I moved inshore, and not making any more good finds, decided to head north to a Fine Cellarhole that usually gives up some goodies.


Speed scanning as I walk back to my truck, I get a signal, I recover what looks like a lead token, (Got my E-TRAC in two tone, and didn't look at the readout). I put it in my pocket with my other coins, then shop at the market for an hour, & drive 35 miles to the cellarhole site.

Before starting the 3/4 mile walk, I empty my pockets and give the 'Token' a rinse. Lo and behold, I see the tree clearly, Whoa, stop, jaw drop. Turn it over, see the X... Heart pounding, I pull out my phone, snap a quick pic & send it off to my detecting buddy, I marvel at it a little more, then wrap it in a piece of wet paper & head off to find some more goodies, (must be my lucky day, right!), up there I got a nice1847 LC, didn't spend much time hunting there, I wanted to get home for some research on the Tree.

It appears to be a very late die state Noe-1, the die crack is advanced to where it looks like the date area is about to pop out, (another example with die crack shown for reference) A view from the side shows the 'S' shape typical of minting in a Rocker Press.

John Hull was producing Silver coins for about 30 years, and there was great d

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