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FORS CoRe - Fantastic Detector is an Understatement!

By: Steve E.

Hi my name is Steve, I have just got the New Nokta FORS CoRe, to say it’s a fantastic machine is an understatement. I have had many metal detectors but none have ever been so good and easy to understand as this one . I started detecting on a site I have detected for over 20 years on the cog program and took the iron mask up to 58 as there is quite a lot of junk on this site. Anyway my finds consisted of loads of new money to the total value of £51.86p (this is a site of a concert every year), loads of musket balls/lead and other junk items, a 1846 penny Queen Lizzy, loads of other pre decimal coins, and most of all a 1696 Shilling William III silver and a 4 pence silver coin of George II 1740. I have sent you the pictures of the 2 silver coins. So if you are thinking of buying a metal detector you can't go far wrong if you buy this. I am already saving to by another one, why cos I want it as a backup not that i can see the one I have breaking as the design is fantastic that’s how good this machine is, happy hunting people. Steve Liverpool England

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