First Target of 2013. What a Coin!!

By: Anonymous

I decided to hit a small field closer to home I have always wanted to try. This field is next to a house that was torn down a few years ago. It was an old home. So I get the E-TRAC all ready and start to swing. Ten feet in I get a solid 12-39 in all directions at 4"-6" deep.

Cut out the plug and in the plug I saw a small rim. Looked like silver to me. I did an iPhone video of it. Broke open the clump of dirt and saw a very small coin.

The back was showing to me and it said half dime. Turned it over and YES!!! My very first seated coin on my very first target of 2013!! An 1838 Seated Half Dime!! A seated coin was number one on my bucket list for this year and I hit it on my very first dig of the new year.

I still cannot believe it! Full sharp "LIBERTY" and all. A little tarnished but so what. This coin is tiny!

So I proceeded to find a bunch of aluminum trash then got a very low tone. Dug out what looks to be a very intricate spoon/fork handle. Cool. But nothing can over shadow the half dime. What an awesome start to the new year!