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First Pre 1900 Metal Detecting Find

By: Dustin N.

Here is my treasure find of the week! I had an unexpected day off and it proved to be a great opportunity. My buddy and I got to search a 1700’s business site for a couple of hours. Up until this point I had never dug a coin that pre-dated the 1900’s. I got a target that came in as a 69-71 on my White's MX Sport. I dug up a coin or button which already had me excited. As I carefully cleaned it off, I first saw the letters “GEORG” and my heart started pounding. After cleaning, I realized I had unearthed a 1749 King George II half-penny! For someone that has been hoping for a coin older than 1900, this was an incredible feeling! I will cherish this piece of history for a long time. The last image is an un-dug example.