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First Metal Detecting Finds of the New Year

By: Terry P.

My dad kinda got me started in metal detecting when I was a young man. I would always watch and learn from him while he was metal detecting. Until this past year I have never owned my own metal detector, so I went and bought a Garrett's new AT Max . I have started hunting the fields here in NE Arkansas since all the crops are gone now . So, I decided to give it a try at my most favorite spot that is no more than a mile from where I live. I got a reading on my Max less than a inch down. It wasn't the best signal but decided to dig it anyways. It was a old flattened musket ball. I started looking again and got a second signal that sounded a lot better about two inches down. Out popped a 1903 Indian Head penny in very nice condition. Right beside it was a old clay marble. I also found a few other things I'd say it's a nice way to start my new year off.

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