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First Day Out With the Safari and a Gold Coin

By: Anonymous

I received my new Safari on Tuesday December 7th. I had to wait until the following Sunday before I could take her out, seemed like a month and not five days. I charged the batteries and read the manual cover to cover countless times.

Myself and a friend arrived at the stubble field at 7am on a very cold Sunday morning, what greeted us was a very frozen 40 acre field. Whilst drinking a coffee we admired the Safari and then got ourselves down to business. Setting it up seemed second nature after reading the manual and looking at different forums on the net.


My friend hit the middle of the field whilst I decided to walk the tractor trails. My first signal was a 1908 Halfpenny, followed quite quickly by a thimble from the 1800's. I was approaching the bottom of the hill and the end of the tractor tracks, and I was about to turn around when I got that banging signal, I will never forget that sound and meter reading as long as I live. I pushed my spade in and took a spade full of earth and corn stubble out, I scanned the hole with the machine and it was still there.

Put the Safari down and probed the cold frozen hole with my pinpointer, it sounded just off centre, as I nudged the earth away I saw that unmistakable glint of yellow. I sat back on my backside and thought "no way", I reached in and pulled the yellow disc out. As I gently brushed the dirt away there she was, a very young Queen Victoria. Shaking I got myself to my feet and ran halfway across the field to where my friend was happily beavering away with his E-TRAC.

As I ran towards him holding this yellow object out like an offering to the Gods he looked up, sensing I had found something good he put the machine down and dropped his headphones. "What ya got Jerry?" I was shaking inside and I’m not quite sure what I said, as I handed it to him he just said "wow". After what seemed an eternity (probably 30 seconds) we both agreed on its identity. An 1846 Young Head Queen Victoria Full Gold Sovereign.

First day out and 3rd good signal with the Safari. What a machine, and what a day, to add to it we also found a handfull of Silver Hammered coins of Edward Ist (1280's) between us. I can’t fault the Safari, very user friendly and can sniff the finds out with the best of them.

Thanks for reading.