First Attempt!

By: Anonymous

I travelled down to a site where there used to be a fun fair every year (when I was a child many, many moons ago!) and got permission to "practise" using my E-TRAC. As this was the first time out with it I left the settings as default but with a long tone and set discrimination to coins and jewellery. I kid you not, after four steps forward I got a 12-13 then 13-13 every time, I pinpointed it the best I could, dug about 3 inches down and there it was, a ladies ring (not sure if it's gold or brass yet) with a crystal on top, it's hall marked but I have not had it checked out yet. C'mon E-TRAC, now all I want is a sunny day!

Other finds included; ring pulls, bottle tops (I know I have not figured the discrimination out yet!!) and a few pre-decimal coins, not bad for four hours.