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First 10 Days With The CTX 3030

By: Anonymous

I bought the CTX 3030 for myself as a birthday gift on August 22nd. So far, I’ve been able to convince my wife to let me go to the local beaches about 4 of the last 10 days which is pretty good considering she’s home with a broken ankle!

Oh, did I mention my two boys where home to keep an eye on her while I was gone? I didn’t want you to think I left her stranded!!!

Sorry, back to my story. It’s taken a couple of days to get a feel for the ID numbers and recognizing good targets from the not so good targets but I think it’s coming together nicely.

The beaches in my area are all in conservation areas and most are very small so I really didn’t expect to find anything of value. This was really just a good test run until I can find time to head north and hit some of the larger beaches or at least that’s what I thought it was going to be!


My first day out I found a Triton Tungsten Carbide wedding band plus a stainless steel scorpion zodiac ring and about $9.00 in modern change. Day 2 I found my first 925 silver ring.

Day 3 was a bust. Lots of trash and a couple of Hot Wheel cars. But day 4! That was a day to remember!

Within 20 minutes I had my first silver ring. Less than an hour later I had what I though was my second silver ring. It turned out to be a 22k white gold wedding band. “First Gold Ever!!!” Two hours later I had another silver ring and less than an hour later I hit my second white gold ring, this time a 14K.

Throw in a gold coloured toe ring and it was a five ring day! Awesome! I’m very impressed with the CTX 3030 and still have a lot to learn.

One of my favorite features is the Geo Trail. It really helps to cover large areas in zigzag pattern without missing much. And I love that I don’t have to worry about getting it wet! Thanks Minelab for an awesome machine!

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