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Finds with My New MXT

By: Jessica m.

I have not been detecting as much as I’d like to lately so I wanted to get a good start on 2008 – My new MXT sure got me off to a good start! I started metal detecting a couple years ago when I bought a used XLT, man what a machine! I found lots of Civil War relics and old coins with it and that got my wife interested. She started going with me to “help me dig”. I would let her swing the XLT some and after she found three quarters in one hole she was hooked instantly! I bought a new MXT thinking it would be a little easier for her to use but she would not give up that XLT. I now had a new detector for myself and I began to really like the MXT – So the day after Christmas I went with my son-in-law (who also has a MXT) to a site we had previously dug up some Civil War stuff and I found a surprise I still can’t believe. [split] I hit it on strong signal a few inches deep, and proceeded to dig up a little ring box – I thought “NO WAY”. Then I opened the box and it had a 10 Karat gold ring inside! It was still in perfect shape! My wife has it on her finger right now and wouldn’t take anything for it. A few days later I was invited to hunt a new spot with my friend Brian (who also has a MXT). It was a huge area that we have only scratched the surface on so far. We had a great day digging Civil War bullets and stuff; I even found part of a cannonball. On the way back to the car I walked to the top of a little hill and got a solid 80 VDI. I told myself I’d better investigate – I’m glad I did! My oldest and most valuable coin ever! A 1776 Spanish Reale! It is about the size of a half dollar and it’s still in great shape too. I wasn’t even sure what I had until I got back to the car and showed it to Brian. He had dug a smaller Spanish coin too. Two old Spanish coins in one day! We figured our MXT’s had really done a good job that day. I thought I’d share my finds with you and say –THANK YOU WHITE’S – for making the best detectors on the planet.

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