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Finds From the 1700's

By: Anonymous

I have been metal detecting for 20 years. I recently purchased a Minelab Safari in early spring. I have come up with some great finds. A few weeks ago I was metal detecting one of my favorite spots, where I have found lots of colonial coppers and large pennies. I got a signal in the 15 range which could be a nickel, shell casing, pull tab, or ring. It was about 12 inches down. I dug down and found a small ring and could see that it had writing on it embossed around it. When I got home that day I realized that it said G. Washington OB Dec 1799. There were other numbers on it but could not make them out. I did a little research and have found that this is a George Washington mourning ring. To my knowledge these are extremely scarce. I have yet to find a value of this piece. The ring is made out of what I believe is copper. It is a pretty small ring. I have found lots of silver and copper coins this year. Including four Spanish silver coins dating to the 1700's. The Minelabs are great machines and are very easy to use. Thanks Minelab.