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Finding a Relative of a 1930's Find

By: Anonymous

Recently I dug a 1930's depression era token at around 10" at the site of a torn down home. Although it was neat, I didn't give it much more thought. A couple of days ago I decided to clean the token and try and read the information on it with a loupe.


I ended up having to do a search online for more information on the token which was a Magic show token given out by a group of performers called "The Ushers". I decided to see if anyone was interested in the item so I listed it on a site for bid.

Within a few hours the item had sold and when I got home and was ready to ship it, I noticed the persons last name was Usher. I emailed him and he said yes, his great Uncle was Harry Usher and he was buying up any items related to his travelling / performing family. The group was out of California, this guy lives in Maine and the token was found in Florida. 80 years and 3 states all brought together by the E-TRAC. I just got goose bumps even retelling the story.

Thanks Minelab I just do not know what to say.

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