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Excited is An Understatement

By: Jessica m.

While hunting civil war relics at DIV 19 in Culpeper, Virginia, a good tone rang out in the headphones of my GPX 4800. Once I opened the hole up the tone changed to a good tone with a loud iron tone also. Since I was hunting in a known Confederate area I continued to dig. At 10 inches I saw what I assumed was a barrel band, so thinking I may be in a hut I kept digging. Several more inches down the dirt got soft and I reached in and removed a handful, uncovering a beautiful green patina. Now I started shaking and had to stop for a minute to recompose myself. A little more digging and out came this Calvalry Officers Sabre! To say I was excited is a huge understatement. A little investigation has revealed that Jeb Stuart and Nathen Bedford Forrest carried swords identical to this one. I have always been a fan of Minelab Detectors and once again the GPX 4800 has proved to be an outstanding machine. Thanks for such a great product.

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