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Excalibur Finds 14kt White Gold Ring w/ Nice Stones

By: Jessica m.

After spending Sunday morning with other Gold Coast Treasure Club members at our annual silver hunt and picnic, I had 42 silver dimes in my pocket, but I wasn't done yet. I hit a few local beaches and didn't give up until I landed this nice 14kt white gold ticket with my Excalibur I took it to a jeweler to ID the stones. The top stone is tanzanite. The bottom stone is a black opal (I don't "get" how it is a BLACK opal, but that's what it is called. Check out that FIRE!) To the right are three tiny diamonds. And the best part: it fits me! I'm loving my Excalibur! This year is off to a good start for me! Happy Hunting to all! Found by Stacy from West Palm Beach, FL

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