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Early Gold Rush Coins and Relics

By: Anonymous

Had a once in a lifetime hunt in the Victorian Goldfields with the CTX 3030 finding a dozen silver coins. Given how hot the ground is the CTX 3030 is the only machine that I would rely on to get these great targets. Also have these finds logged as find points for future hunts.

Finds included:
King George III: 1818 Half Crown, 1816 Shilling, 18XX Shilling, 1817 6P, 18XX 6P
King George IV: 1826 Shilling, 1829 Shilling
King William IV: 18XX 6P, 1835 3P
Queen Victoria: 1845 Shilling, 1844 6P, 18X2 6P, 18XX 6P
King George V: 1916 Shilling

One of the really nice relics was a clock winder that was also a working compass (gilded in gold).

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