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Duck Call Metal Detecting Find

By: Stacey A.

I was out swinging in my Minelab GO-FIND 20 in my yard for about the 8th time and came across this screaming hit. It was about 5 inches down. I pulled it out, thinking it was a piece of copper tubing, so not thinking much about it. I was out there for about 1/2 hour more. I went to my mancave to check out all the finds. When I looked more closely at this copper tube, it had a sting still tired to it. It still didn't hit me till I went to clean the inside of it, when what looked like pieces of wood. And then it HIT me it was a old duck call, or could be a turkey call. No writing on it but looks real old!!! That was my best find of my life. I used to have a older Bounty Hunter, but some one stole it out of my truck. I was lost without it and at the time all I could afford was this GO-FIND 20. Thanks for reading my find.

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