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Dual Field Finds a Tiffany and Co. Ring

By: Anonymous

For the month of July, I have been on a ring drought. My friends have all found gold, silver, and platinum while all I have been finding is clad and aluminum. I decided to bring the Dual Field out and do some wet sand since the water hasn't been producing.

I chose the Dual Field for this do to the larger coil, weight, and sensitivity. After picking up a few stud earrings, by the low-tide mark, I then got a very heavy, silver, Tiffany and Co. ring that was of the Paloma Picasso design. It may not have been gold but I was grinning ear to ear. The ring weighs a whopping 22.8 grams and it is also the first piece of Tiffany I have ever found, and I'm sure the gold won't be far behind.

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