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Digging Pays Off

By: Anonymous

Well my story starts in some woods where everyone had told me this places was pounded to death, but I had some time to kill so I figured maybe, just maybe the 705 could find something... Well after about a 20 min hunt in the hot sun, I got a signal, faint but it was there, started digging and digging and I dug some more (12 inches in the dirt). Finally I could see silver, at last something to show for all that digging... It was a 1773 half Reale. I was so excited I almost quit to go show it to everyone, but I decided to stay a few more min and it paid off big time... A pair of navy cufflinks that I am told are from the war of 1812. I'm so glad I didn’t stop... Just goes to show a Minelab can always find something in a "hunted out spot".