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Digging in Disbelief

By: Anonymous

My buddy Everett brought me to a foundation last year back in the woods and I found my first LC there a 1848 next to the well. At the time I was still using coins mode and the pro coil. He at that time already made about 5 trips to this site with another buddy of his and they both found a total of about 20 coins altogether and a whole slew of other colonial and 19th century artifacts. He thought the place was cleaned out. We went back one more time last year only to find nothing else. We kept saying this year that we have to go back sporting our 12x15 coils and now I'm running in TTF. My buddy uses a Sovereign.


Well we finally went out for a 2 hour hunt last nite and boy am I glad we did!! In the area that I found my first large cent I personally pounded very well with the pro coil in coins mode and came up with no more targets. This time was different. I had a 12-44-12-45 signal in the first half hour that showed very deep on the meter. I dig down about 10 inches and pull out a largie. I rescan the hole with the big coil and get yet another reading and at this time I wish I had a video camera to record what I found.

I did not want to use my shovel so the rest of the digging was all done by hand. Boy what a sloppy mess that was for I am pretty much standing in a swamp and when you dig 3 inches down the hole fills in with water. At least the soil was soft but my arms were covered in muck half way up my forearms. I motioned to Everett to come over to witness this. I pulled out another large cent!!Rescanned the hole to have yet another large cent!! OK now I thought I was done when I get another signal in the hole and by this time we are both standing there already in disbelief. I remember the saying BarryNY says about big copper means small silver after I dug the next target. Last coin out of the hole is a 1784 Spanish 1/2 reale I thought they were going to have to carry me away like this.

Now I'm psyched about finding more. Next target is a gold colored item that came in at 12-29 bout 4 inches deep. I believe it is plated and pretty sure part of a buckle?? Next target is again a 12-29 so I figure another piece of this gold thing but about 50 feet away. Nope another copper coin but have no clue what it is and still not sure why the 12-29 signal. Unfortunately Everett never pulled up anything last nite other than some scrap copper pieces and some shell brass. I love my E-TRAC!!