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Detecting an Old 1800's Site

By: Anonymous

It was another great day in Adelaide with clear skies sunshine and a high around 33 degrees. So as I sat there looking out the window while chatting on line to my friend Shaun I was having a hard time deciding if I should go fishing off the beach or detecting at an old 1800 site that I had permission to hunt. So I mentioned to Shaun that I was considering an old relic & coin hunt and when he asked if I would like some company it pretty well made my mind up that detecting it was to be.


After finally arriving at the site we looked around to try and get some idea of where may be the best place to start. I made my way toward the house site as I have found in the past that the Northern side of these old ruins are usually quite productive.

Not long after a few relics had come out of the ground I had a signal on my E-TRAC that was solid but at the same time somewhat strange, probably because of the chain that was in the hole as well. So after quite a careful dig I finally had the target out of the rock hard ground. Even though this was a coin free hunt for me I was extremely happy with this 1890's religious medal, the neat swan broach and other bits and pieces.

Sometimes I love the days when it is just relics as you get a chance to chase up some history of the area and fill in a few more blanks. The region that I am detecting has a very staunch christian background with many churches established in the area. Anyway hope you enjoy the story and remember keep the coil to the soil.

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